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Hand tape dispensers


Heavy duty 48mm/72mm

Light duty 48mm/72mm

Printed carrier bags (See Plastic products)


Cable ties


Available in various sizes and colours.


Rubber bands


Sizes available: #10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 19, 32, 34, 38, 64, & 69 (Natural)

1kg bags

20kg(bulk packed)

Polyester braid


    3mm (white/black)

    2mm (white/black)

 1.5mm (white/black)


Rapid staples (office and industrial)


Stapling pliers (office and industrial)


Ti-strapping/woven Strapping


Econo 13mm x 1000m

Econo 16mm x 1000m

Econo 19mm x 1000m

1 Red line 19mm x 500m

2 Red line 19mm x 500m

3 Red line 19mm x 500m

4 Red line 19mm x 500m

Steel strapping

Polypropylene strapping










Hand strapping  12mm x 2000m (white/black) 

Semi-automatic strapping 9mm x 4000m (white/black)

Semi-automatic strapping 12mm x 2500m (white/black)

Fully-automatic strapping 12mm x 3000m (white/black)

Citrus strapping blue 12mm x 2000m

DCB Pallet strapping blue 12mm x 2000m


Wire ties

Wire tying twisting tool


Hand tensioner strapping tool


Hand crimper/sealer strapping tool


Hand combination strapping tool


Metal seals


Open metal seals 12mm

Closed metal seals12mm

Crepe paper




455mm x   529mm         - 500shts/ream

525mm x   910mm         - 500shts/ream

610mm x   910mm         - 500shts/ream

910mm x 1050mm         - 500shts/ream

Mandini brown wrapping paper


1520mm x 50gsm/80gsm

1220mm x 50gsm/80gsm

   910mm x 50gsm/80gsm

   760mm x 50gsm/80gsm

   610mm x 50gsm/80gsm

Various brown paper cut sheets also available on request.

Air bubble envelopes


Size                                       Qty/box                                                                                                                              160 x 160                             100

120 x 210                             100

150 x 210                             100

180 x 260                             100

220 x 260                             100

220 x 330                               50

240 x 330                               50

270 x 360                               50

300 x 400                               50

Aerothene profiles


Protecting the edges of your product.

Corner protectors


Cardboard corners to protect frames,mirrors etc.

Standard die-cut sizes available. Special sizes on request.

Edge board/angle board


Laminated board for extra protection.

Sizes: 40mm x 40mm x 3mm/4mm

 Can cut to any  length you need.

Single face kraft(SFK)


Protection for steel products,furniture etc.

 Size: 1500mm     +- 30kg/roll

Sold per roll.



 Protection for tables,chairs,doors etc.


 Sizes: 1250mm/1500mmx100m/200mx1mmx2mm



Foam chips(polystyrene)


For all your filling protection.

Sold per bag.

Wire buckles/poly buckles


                                                                                                                                                                          Poly buckles 12mm

Non slip galvanised buckles 12mm

Non slip buckles 19mm

Knurled buckles 13mm (for ti strap)

Knurled buckles 16mm (for ti strap)

Knurled buckles 19mm (for ti strap)

Circular buckles 19mm

Circular buckles 22mm

Bubble wrap


Description                           size

S110 Bubble                        1250mm x 100m         

B120 Big Bubble                 1250mm x 40m         

Antistatic Bubble                 1220mm x 100m       

S/sided cushion kraft         1220mm x 82m

D/sided cushion kraft         1220mm x 82m


Other sizes also available.

Bubble wrap bags and bubble wrap sheets can be made on request.

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