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Service Par Excellence

The packaging methods, systems and products are too vast for most companies as well as packaging companies themselves to know all the various systems and products on offer.

These packaging companies therefore specialise only in their own brands of products and machines, which they are familiar with.

If your company has to wrap, pack, stack, tack, tie, strap, tape, glue or staple then phone us for advice. We are also an ISO 22000 Certified company supplying quality products to the food industry.

We offer over 50 years of experience and with our professional, personal service and advice, we will as a team together look at ways and methods for savings you can make on cutting your costs in your packaging expenses. It will be a win-win deal at no cost to your company.

Jurgen Smith
Managing Member / Founder

Our History

From humble beginnings, Pack-Pro was initially created to be a packaging consultancy, assisting companies with their packaging methods and lines.

I realised the demand for quality products and good service was pressing and soon found myself trading as opposed to just consulting. Since then we have developed strategic partnerships with key players in the industry, and began importing a range of products. 

Pack-Pro has gone from strength to strength, built lasting relationships and forged new ones. More importantly we have provided exceptional service to our loyal customers and in the process saved them hundreds of thousands if not millions of Rands over the years.

Pack Pro believes that a satisfied customer is the best business stategy of all and that is why we have now extended our packaging range to include personal protective equipment, food safety equipment and chemicals. We are an ISO22000 Certified company that is now able to offer you a range of quality products that will provide protection, prevent contamination and ensure compliance to legal requirements that you may subscribe to. 

Don't take our word for it, this is what our loyal customers say

“Great service ......great prices ........, best go to company for all your packaging requirements.”
Garth Taylor
“Very friendly, service excellent.”
Jason Swanepoel
“Excellent service.”
Kashigo Metlhe