Assembly Paste Aerosol



Anti-seize compound for lubrication of bushes, sliding surfaces and small open gears. Prevents damage at start-up and protects during running-in. Protects against seizing of threaded components. Effective from -30°C to +150°C as a lubricant and to +1100°C as an anti-seize.


Product Data Sheet


Safety Data Sheet

NSF Letter

Bushings, sliding surfaces, small open gears: plastic and metal, threaded connections.


  • Registered NSF class H1.
  • Low friction coefficient provides protection during running in, prolonging component life
  • Provides protection against scuffing during assembly
  • Resists water wash-out extending re-lubrication intervals when used as a service lubricant
  • Prevents seizure of threaded components enabling easy and quick dismantling
  • Complies with BRC Global Standard (Issue 7) -4.7.6


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