Olfa Cutter CTR L5

This extra heavy-duty knife is part of the X Design Series™, a powerful line of anti-slip grip-cutting tools combining exceptional performance with innovation.

Features a ratchet lock, cushion grip for maximum comfort and control, and heavy gauge stainless steel blade channel that holds the blade tight

Chemical-resistant handles for easy cleaning. Hard metal pick for convenience.

The blades made from high-quality carbon tool steel are produced using OLFA’s precise multi-step production process for unparalleled sharpness and superior edge retention. Long-lasting, durable snap-off blades – a new sharp edge with each snap.

Hold this OLFA® utility knife, and you’ll feel how comfortable it is in your hand. When you use the knife, you’ll appreciate the wraparound grip and sharp, snap-off blade. Use this utility knife for construction materials including drywall, linoleum, carpet, flooring materials, insulation, and roofing materials.

Good For: Applications such as flooring, drywall, and roofing repair or replacement. Cuts carpeting, linoleum, drywall, roofing shingles, and more.

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  • Ratchet-lock mechanism
  • Wraparound anti-slip rubber grip and acetone-resistant handle
  • Stainless steel blade channel
  • No tool blade change
  • Multi-purpose metal pick
  • Preloaded with an LBB black ultra-sharp snap-off blade


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