Olfa Blades ABB-10B

For: XA1, PA2, A-1

Cat No: ABB-10B

Qty: 10/pack & 50/pack

With this OLFA® UltraSharp blade, you’ll be surprised at the difference 25% can make. Less resistance means quicker and more precise cuts. The blades are designed to cut through packaging, shrink wrap, vinyl, window film, wallpaper, caulking, foam board and other materials. (ABB-10B)

Good For: Applications such as paint, window film and packaging. Cuts tape, shrink wrap, wallpaper, film, cardboard, caulking and more.

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  • 13-segment,9mm snap-off blade
  • Made from high-quality carbon tool steel
  • Ultra-sharp black blade has a 25% sharper edge for less cutting resistance
  • Exact 59-degree edge optimizes cutting power and minimizes blade breakage
  • Fits OLFA PRO 9mm utility knives


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