Olfa Cutter CTR PA2

Whether you need to cut packaging, shrink wrap, vinyl, window film, wallpaper, caulking or foam board, or similar materials, you’re set with this OLFA® utility knife. The knife holds up to five snap-off blades for your convenience. When a blade segment gets dull, simply snap it off and continue working.

This revolutionary multi-blade knife easily meets the need for continuous blade change with an automatic blade load feature.

It holds up to 5 blades, that’s 65 new cutting segments per load, all stored in a sleek, comfortable handle for maximum productivity on the job site.

Features an automatic blade lock and can hold AB, ABS, ABB, and ABSOL blades.

Easy, tool-free blade change for convenience.

Good For: Applications such as paint, window film, and packaging. Cuts tape, shrink wrap, wallpaper, film, cardboard, caulking, and more.

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  • Auto-lock mechanism
  • High-impact ABS handle
  • Automatic blade-loading mechanism stores up to five blades
  • Stainless steel blade channel
  • No tool blade change
  • Pre-loaded with an ABB black ultra-sharp snap-off blade


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