Yellow Lined Welders Superior Wrist Length Gloves

The Yellow Lined Welders Superior Glove is a wrist length chrome black/yellow leather glove with a reinforced palm and thumb area. The glove features black leather piping sewn into the seam for added durability, fleece on the inside of the palm as well as denim lining on the inside of the collar and is ideal for welding and high heat environments.

Size 10

Spec Sheets

PALM: • Black Chrome leather, 0.8mm extra thick, for additional heat protection for fingers, palm and thumb.
• Additional protection and reinforcement around thumb finger area.
BACKING: Golden Yellow Chrome leather
CUFF: Wrist length gauntlet cuff
INNER LINING: Fleece on inside of palm, denim lining on inside of collar
STITCHING: • Full Kevlar stitching for extra heat resistance.
• Black leather piping sewn into seam to protect against welding sparks.

Not recommended for water, oil or grease. This is a heavy-duty glove, with limited dexterity.


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