Packaging Materials

Corrugated, Plastic & Other

The range of packaging materials is vast with thousands of different products for as many applications. Almost every item manufactured or grown requires to be packaged in some way or form to protect or prevent contamination of the product.

Pack-Pro are the packaging professionals.

Not sure how to package your product?….. no problem.

From concept to the finished product, we are able to assist you with your packaging needs and requirements.

Personal Protective Equipment

Industrial & Food Hygiene

Every occupation or task requires persons to wear some kind of work-wear or protection to guard them against hazards. It may be a uniform for work purposes or high tech fall arrestors. 

Pack-Pro are distributors of quality brand workwear and personal protective equipment.

We cater for Industry and Food Processing Facilities.


Industrial & Household

Pack-Pro has a range of quality industrial and household  chemicals that suits your needs and your budget.

We cater for Hotel, Hospitals, Resorts, Malls, Catering Companies, Car rentals, Households and many many more.